For Dreamwalkers

“For Dreamwalkers” is an ongoing concept created in 2014 formulated of developing ideas around pillow and dreaming which was never publicly exhibited.

“For Dreamwalkers” is an interactive wall light installation composed of illuminating objects in the form of pillows with captivating messages designed to attract spectator’s attention and invite one to interaction.


In specific, by placing pillows on the walls of public spaces or galleries I change the usual place where the viewer can see the pillow and with retaining the classic shape of bag I provoke the feelings related to the pillow and dreaming. In a nutshell, I invite people to put their heads on these pillows and daydream.


I came up with this idea from a belief that realized dreams or partially realized dreams of people are a measure if particular society is a good place for development and living. Talking about my personal perspective, coming from a country in transition, and being surrounded with disappointment and apathy, I started to appreciate even more the importance of the daydreaming. That’s how I came up with the idea to create space and support realization of the dreams.


My aim is to draw attention of the public and to support imagination in people to keep on dreaming. We are surrounded with dreams that someone else creates and sells to us and we just consume them. This instalation tries to provoke creation of personal dreams and hopefully transformation of those dreams into reality.