Porcelain Panel

More about this wall panel and similar panels in Porcelain Light Panels

Back Vocals

One of Introspection sculptures from my solo exhibition.

For Dreamwalkers

Interactive wall light installation composed of illuminating objects in the form of pillows with captivating messages designed to attract spectator’s attention and invite one to interaction.

Duh Lamp 2

When out of light, lamps stand for relief sculptures. More about this and other lamps in Porcelain Lamps

The Elkcloner video

More about video and other projescts in Projects

Intirior design

I made several interior design in last ten years for bars, restaurant and night club.


Round-Around prototype lamp combines materials and multifunctionality.


Mismatch of the time in which we live and tradition of non-culture present ongoing collection of souvenirs.

Cups for swimmers and non-swimmers

More about this and other sculptures in Sculptures

Duh Lamp

Duh Lamp is unique illuminating object. Lamps are made out of porcelain and placed on a wooden tripod.

Small Lamp

More about this and other lamps in Porcelain Lamps