Porcelain Light Panels

Porcelain wall light installations are illuminating objects made out of porcelain placed in a wooden frame. Each light panel is completely handmade and contains exclusive artwork on porcelain surface. Porcelain is see-through material therefore the interventions made on it create extraordinary dance of light and shadows.


By recreating the imprints of motion on the surface of porcelain combined with the light I wanted to reconstruct the impression of the movement on a static porcelain surface. Light here gives a depth and liveliness of the whole experience.



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Sense of Touch

I try to capture the experience of touch by recreating the impressions of touch on the surface of porcelain combined with the light. I aim to reveal the complexity and necessity of the feeling aroused from tactile interaction. The touch here is taken as a physical, mental, emotional phenomenon that arises in interaction with the artwork. The perception of contact in this way occurred during the creation process and represents the opposite of the alienation of modern life. sense detail sensedetail. sense. sense. sense


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